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Upcoming Events

Online registration for PSCC events is available via the web site: .

Upcoming Events

6/13/2021 – Solo Points Event – Tech City

6/14/2021 – General Monthly Meeting – RPM Go-Kart inside the Poughkeepsie Galleria Mall. Come out for a meeting and then drive the carts afterwards and have fun with us. Everyone is welcome members and non members. Meeting starts at 7:00pm. Masks are Required when entering the building.

6/27/2021 – Solo Points Event – Tech City

7/25/2021 – Solo Points Event – Tech City

8/22/2021- Solo Points Event – Tech City

9/12/2021 – Solo Points Event- Tech City

10/17/2021 – Solo Points Event – Tech City

PSCC Event Calendar

Jun 13New York Region PSCC Autocross #3.21Tech City LotAutocross/SoloMore Details
Jun 27New York Region PSCC Autocross #4.21Tech City LotAutocross/SoloRegister now on
Jul 25New York Region PSCC Autocross #5.21Tech City LotAutocross/SoloRegister now on

Resources Covid-19

As shelter-in-place restrictions begin to be lifted, we must all decide how and when to run events. We’ve compiled three resources you can access today to assist: 

Please share and repost these resources. The intent is to support the entire industry as we start to head back on the road and track. 

Lastly, I’m thrilled to report we’ve made tremendous ground with insurance company approvals for our e-waiver product, SpeedWaiver, in the past 60 days. We are working feverishly to launch in the next 30 days to eliminate paper waivers and support physical distancing at your events.

Stay tuned and stay safe out there, 

Brian (registration)
  RaceHero (live timing & results on web, iOS & Android)

The PANIC cancelled due to snow

Due to the snow/ice falling outside this morning, President Tom Murphy has decided to cancel The PANIC awards banquet today.

Anyone who knows why PSCC’s annual awards banquet is called “The PANIC” is aware that the event is cursed. Just in the past 20 years, I’ve driven through a foot of snow, suffered through a restaurant with no heat where the water glasses actually froze on the tables, last-minute venue changes, etc. The senior members can tell you about older disasters, and why they changed the started calling it The PANIC many years ago. Long story short, this is one PSCC event that you *must* check the web site for updates before leaving home. You never know, the restaurant might have been hit by a flaming asteroid overnight!

Anyway, watch your email inbox or this web site for the re-scheduled date…..

Gerry Ford

We were informed last night by family that PSCC life member and former treasurer/equipment chair Gerry Ford peacefully saw his final checkered flag in Oregon on May 30th. He was 83 years old.

Our condolences go out to the Ford family for their loss…..