What is Autocross (Solo)?

Oftentimes referred to by the SCCA brand name of Solo, autocross is a timed precision driving event, usually held at airport facilities or large parking lots. In autocross, drivers negotiate their way around a course marked by traffic cones, as quickly as possible, without knocking over any of the cones. Drivers compete against the clock, with usually only one car on the course at a time (hence the “solo” part). It may sound easy, but it is not!

Any vehicle that passes a safety inspection at the beginning of the day may run, and any driver licensed to operate a car on the street may participate. Cars of similar performance potential are grouped into various classes, which range from Yugos to full track-prepped open wheel race cars. Most drivers compete in their daily driver, and not a full-out sports car. At the end of the day, trophies will be handed out to the fastest drivers in each class. We also offer a novice class for beginners, which is scored on an index (think grade curving) to equalize everyone’s cars through math.

Want to give it a try? Our event info is below.


PSCC Autocross/Solo Event Info

PSCC runs an Autocross/Solo series every year. Event info can be found at this link.

Looking for the PSCC Tech Sheet to print ? Please use this link here:  PSCC Driver Tech Sheet 2022