PSCC Rallycross Info


PSCC Rallycross Information

Location: Grieg Farm in Upper Red Hook, NY

2016 Entry Fee: $35 for SCCA members, $50 for non-members


7:00-8:30 AM – arrival, sign-in, walk in registration

7:30-8:45 AM – tech inspection

8:45 AM – participants’ meeting

~9:00 AM – first car off

noonish – lunch break ~30 minutes

~4:00 PM – event conclusion, equipment pick-up

~5:00 PM – awards and departure.

Directions: Directions to the field that will be used for each event will be posted to the (online registration) web site approximately one week prior to each scheduled event. Please check for directions, as the same field will probably NOT be used more than once per season.

ALL cars must be muffled. No exceptions! We do not want noise complaints. No straight through mufflers. We have to be tough on this.

**All participants will be required to work.**

Tech inspection does not classify your vehicle. You need to know which class you fit into. See the Website for rules. 2016 SCCA Rallycross Rulebook

Special thanks goes to Chris Regan and Scott Beliveau from the New England Region!
SCCA 2016 Rallycross Rulebook