Tri-State Rules

Tri-State Championship Rules – 1990

by Ken Frey


These rules were voted upon by all three Councils involved of NY, NJ and CT in 1990 as the rules that we would conduct the Tri-State Championship.


  1. Each team is made up of thirty members. Twenty-five of those members count for points toward the trophy. Five drivers are Alternates that cannot earn points, but can displace other drivers from getting points. The lists of drivers and their respective classes in which they will drive must be exchanged at the Driver.s Meeting before the event starts.

  3. The point schedule for the twenty-five drivers that count for the competition is 9, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1.

  5. The SCCA Championship rules of one car makes a class with no bumping and only three competitive runs count are used.

  7. A car can only compete in one class division. It cannot compete in a Stock division and also compete in a Street Prepared or any other division.

  9. There are four Ladies classes of Stock, Street Prepared, Prepared and Modified. The Ladies classes are PAXed within those four divisions.

  11. The hosting of the event rotates from Council to Council each year.

– Last Updated: October 29, 2004