April 2013 SportsCar available to everyone

The April 2013 issue of SportsCar® magazine, Volume 71, Issue 4, is now available online.

This month’s issue is a little different from the other 11 this year. Like the March 2012 issue, this month is all about how to get involved with each of SCCA’s programs. This is definitely an issue to keep all year and serves as a great introduction to the Club for new and perspective members.

Most SportsCar issues are only available to members. However, this month’s is open to the general public, so feel free to share this link to all of your friends and family. The direct access link is: http://www.sportscarmag-digital.com/sportscar/201304_open.

About the Author

Arthur Emerson

A PSCC member since 1996, Arthur has won a few class championships, been awarded the President's Cup, and loses sleep every night because he never held the Club Champion or Event of the Year trophies. He also served in the past as a PSCC board member, Vice President, 2014 President, webmaster, chief Solo Safety Steward, and as liaison to NYR-SCCA and the HVCSCC. In his free time, Arthur scours satellite photos of the Hudson Valley, looking for large patches of asphalt that might be lurking out there.