9/13/2015 Solo points event #3 results @ HVM posted

Preliminary results from the 9/13/2015 Solo/autocross event have been posted to the results archive.

Despite a dismal forecast all week, Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day with lot of sunshine once the pavement dried up from overnight and early morning rain. Everyone got 10 runs, and we started packing up before 3:00 PM. Thanks to everyone who came out to drive, and especially those who also volunteered to work with the snow fence, course layout, and other setup activities.

I want to apologize to everyone looking for the live timing results after the last cars ran. I started to pack up the computer equipment out of habit as soon as the course closed, and totally forgot that drivers would still be using the web server to see how they fared. I’ve made a mental note not to disconnect it at our next autocross event in October.

Note that these results are now using a 21st century web formatting, with three pushbuttons on top to select whether you want to view them sorted by class, overall (raw times) or PAX times. If anyone wishes to share feedback about this new format (or spots any errors), feel free to contact me. Likewise, if you spot any errors, please let me know so that we can investigate further.

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Arthur Emerson

A PSCC member since 1996, Arthur has won a few class championships, been awarded the President's Cup, and loses sleep every night because he never held the Club Champion or Event of the Year trophies. He also served in the past as a PSCC board member, Vice President, 2014 President, webmaster, chief Solo Safety Steward, and as liaison to NYR-SCCA and the HVCSCC. In his free time, Arthur scours satellite photos of the Hudson Valley, looking for large patches of asphalt that might be lurking out there.